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Thanks for buying this action pack which includes a total of 50 Building in Public prompts and Audience Building tactics I've learned and implemented in the process of building up my voice and personal brand.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me at @MeetKevon on Twitter 😄

📚 Your Library

💬 Building in Public Prompts

A list of 30 prompts to give you ideas on what to write and share for your building in public journey.

They're designed to open you up for authenticity and transparency, letting people know about you and become real followers.

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🚀 Audience Building Tactics

A list of 20 tactics on how you can interact with people on Twitter to proactively grow your audience.

Writing tweets or threads itself is not enough, you also need to make friends and be present within the community.

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📋 Your Board

💬 Building in Public Prompts

This is a Kanban board to help you kick start. I recommend you set yourself a goal to complete one prompt in X days.

As you reflect, write, and share, you're developing an authentic & transparent mindset that shapes your brand and voice.

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🚀 Audience Building Tactics

This is a Kanban board to help you track which one has been done. You might not be able to pick one and take action right away.

What you can do is pick one to focus for a week. As you spend time on Twitter, push yourself to make that happen!

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💪 How to Get The Most Here


What I have here are prompts & tactics that can get you going to start your Building in Public and Audience Building journey.

What you need is to understand the essence of what goes behind Building in Public and Audience Building. Once you do it enough times and internalize the learnings, you'll be able to show your authentic and transparent side while making tons of friends and growing a sizable following.

It is, of course, hard work! Only the ones who want it can endure the early challenges. And no one can get there without truly understanding WHY they're doing it. So I urge you to use these prompts and tactics as guides to help you find your WHY.

Over time, you'll become natural at this and do not need this library. On that day, message me @MeetKevon and let me know that you're graduating. I'll be super happy for you. 🙂

And if you're eager to learn more about building your own voice and growing an audience with #BuildinPublic, there are more free resources on https://publiclab.co/ - hope they're helpful too!